this was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood



I hate admitting this but I’ve cried 4x in the bathroom at work. Gotta keep it professional & not allow personal stuff interfere with work.

Keep your head up.

6th trip to the bathroom now.
I think I’m a good individual. I just have made errors in my life. I’m 23, the fuck do you expect?

No lie, life sucks. It could always be worse, but guilt, shame, sorrow. I want my happiness back. Trying to brush it off-live and learn. But this one… This one just may linger.

I wanna go home. But then I’d be there alone thinking. There’s worse shit going on in the world.

"I drink I’m drunk."

When you have to say “wtf am I watching” twice in one night in front of the TV

What happened to all the good shows on at this time?!